Sanbonki Inc. Case Studies

Startup Entrepreneurs

The Challenge - Many startup entrepreneurs have sought mentoring advice from Sanbonki Inc. on various aspects of marketing strategy, supply chain, distribution channel partnerships, market uptake, management competencies and communications strategy. 

The Solution - Sanbonki Inc. has built trust with each entrepreneur team to reveal 'what keeps them up at night', participating as an active partner to develop strategic insight, and to assist the team with recommendations, customized solutions and implementation for long term growth.
Strategic Planning

The Challenge - An entrepreneur was seeking to develop a new business service idea to be exploited in pharmaceutical clinical research. The client needed strategic advice to understand the opportunities and risks of the project.

The Solution - Sanbonki Inc. helped the client analyze the potential end user customer segments and develop financial scenarios around business to business licensing of the technology and a business to consumer direct sales strategy. Sanbonki Inc. advised the client on the value proposition and refinement of the business model.
Due Diligence & Interim Management

The Challenge
- An investor syndicate wished to evaluate a potential acquisition of a distressed business in the life sciences industry services sector and to implement a turnaround plan to restore profitability. 

The Solution - Sanbonki Inc. conducted due diligence on the facilities, regulatory compliance, customer relationships and historical business development activity.  Sanbonki Inc. recommended and implemented a modernized business development and marketing strategy, with the investor syndicate and participating on the interim management team member operating the business.
Corporate Turnaround

The Challenge - A natural health products company was seeking corporate turnaround advice to provide a foundation for future business operations.

The Solution - Sanbonki Inc. conducted a business review to identify critical success factors.  Operational efficiencies were evaluated for current and planned business segments. A sales and marketing relaunch strategy leveraged the existing  portfolio to provide critical cash flow and Sanbonki assisted the tactical implementation.
Strategic Research Alliance

The Challenge - An early stage drug delivery company was seeking to conduct proof of concept testing using a validated primate disease model and to leverage government grant programs available for preclinical and future clinical development studies in collaboration with the host academic research institute and international venture capital deal syndication.

The Solution - Sanbonki Inc. was engaged to advise the client on alliance and deal strategies and to represent the company in negotiations with the offshore partners.  Sanbonki Inc. prepared the company for alliance discussions by refining the value proposition, developing strategies for the business plan, and optimizing the communications strategy in the pitch deck.

Sanbonki Inc. conducted an on-site visit to review the facilities and capabilities of the research institute and presented the development plan to the government granting agency and collaborating venture capital firms on behalf of the client. Sanbonki Inc. provided the client with a due diligence report describing the research collaboration and available investment parameters and identified significant risks to be mitigated.

The Challenge - Pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies with established regional presence were seeking to in-license products to expand their portfolios.

The Solution - Sanbonki Inc. conducted a customized search for each country of interest.  These candidates were delivered to each client on an ongoing basis. Sanbonki Inc. followed up on the selected leads with confidential proposals on behalf of the clients.

The Challenge - A company was seeking to become the exclusive licensee for hospital products marketed in other territories, but not marketed domestically.

The Solution - Sanbonki Inc. screened and prioritized potential opportunities available for the geographic territory. Sanbonki Inc. analyzed regulatory, commercial and reimbursement factors to provide objective criteria classifying deal scenarios  into optimal, acceptable or terminate categories. Discussions progressed to the exchange of Confidential Disclosure Agreements and the performance of due diligence activities.
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