Sanbonki Inc. Value Creation Model

At Sanbonki Inc. we use the trees to illustrate a Value Creation Model.  Consider entrepreneurs, startups and early stage companies as the small tree.  The vision is that the tree will grow to produce fruit.

Sanbonki Inc. provides strategic collaboration to help guide these organizations to realize their full potential and create value.

Sometimes companies and management can get into a cycle of day to day status quo activities, losing sight of the vision and lack of alignment with the strategic plan for creating value. Mid-stage revenue companies struggle with maintaining the bottom line, while attempting to drive corporate growth in larger inflections.  Over time, this results in an impressive show of activity, with many branches and leaves on the tree, but no fruit.

Shareholder value is limited without a corporate turnaround.  
Sanbonki Inc. positions businesses for investment, partnerships and value growth.

The vision is the tree with fruit, representing greater shareholder value


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